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We are an independent travel company specialising in providing tours and itineraries in London and around the globe.

Our itineraries are inspired by the notion of travelling around a working life, from weekend trips to 3 week adventures, there's something for everybody at Wander Woman Travel.

Started by environmental consultant and avid traveller, Jessica S, who begun making itineraries for her activity packed trips around her busy work schedule, Wander Woman Travel aims to provide itineraries that allow you to fully immerse yourself in a new country or city in whatever time you may have.

Jessica S - Founder of Wander Woman Travel

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Our Mission Statement

Wander Woman Travel is about not being placed in a box.

It's about pursuing a career that you enjoy whilst having the most immersive, exotic, and non-corporate experiences with your time off. Because we can do both.

It's about spending a week partying and tanning on a beach, another week wild camping and hiking in mountains, and 2 weeks on a cultural pilgrimage... all in the same year. Because each represent a different part of our personality.

It's about being a woman. A woman of colour. A woman of a minority group. Travelling solo. Travelling with friends. Travelling with strangers.

It's about meeting people from all over the world, different cultures, creeds, nationalities, religions, ages, and sexes, and sharing a moment with them.

At WWT, we want to break stereotypes in the world of travelling, make travelling safer for women, more inclusive of BIPOC people, and ensure tourism is environmentally, ecologically, and culturally conscious.

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